The Steenbacke Studio

Partly the original building from 1546 -
In its current version designed by
the famous Erik Dahlberg - architect, art collector,
and Governor of Riga under King Karl XI
at a time when Latvia and Estonia
were Swedish (Last half of the 17th century)

Today it is the studio and residence of the artist Theis Eljas.



Through the past ten years the Steenbacke Studio has welcomed many guests.
The artist frequently arranges
meetings in the residence and studio for small groups of people with an interest in cultural expressions.
Eljas tells about experiences through more than 30 years as a professional artist in different countries, answers to a lot of questions and have essential discussions with the group.
The evening usually concludes with a musical  performance by the artist.

These evening meetings have been highly popular. (Image in the middle/below)

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