In the three first galleries you will be able to see more recent artworks by Theis Eljas. The technique is soft pastel - the artistís preferred  technique.
He also works in several other techniques, such as oil or acrylic on canvas, charcoal drawings, goache, water color, etc., but through the past 10-12 years the soft pastel has been his favorite medium.

The computer generated artworks - the digital art prints - are into an enthusiastic development as well, so take a lookat the computer art galleries too)

To order digittal art prints go to contact page for details.

After watching the three galleries of recent works, you might want to go some years back in time and look at the retrospective galleries. There are four of them.

In case you feel attempted to visit the southern Sweden studio some sunny day, just take a look on the contact information page and let us discuss a date.

In case of purchasing, you will get a most generous reduction of the price in order to cover most of your travel costs.




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