computer art

After a couple of decades of working with the traditional art techniques, Eljas took up the computer generated art.
The past five years he has devoleped the digital art creating and had several succesful shows focusing on these techniques.

The traditional background experiences has shown to be a clear advantage in this new challenge. After all, the computer does not create any art. This demands a skilled artist, with a well trained eye for composing both in shapes, lines and colors.

Take a look in these galleries of digital art prints. The first two are showing works created during Winter 2000-2001, and the third is from 1999.

The retrospective galleri shows some of the first attempts in the digital art form.

If you like some of these prints, you can order one or more and have them sent to you by mail.
Please, view the contact page for information on the shipping and payment details...

Calendar Leaves   A brand new suite of twelve digital art prints - one for each month of the year.

Digital art at the
Falsterbo Art Hall 1998

Computer generated art
in Kranj, Slovenia 2000



Li -
Digital art print

Digital art show
at the
III Saló International
de Barcelona 1999