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Graphic Design by Theis Eljas





Theis Eljas is not just an ordinary classical “hand painter”. He also works with graphic design on computer. His thirty years’ experience as a traditional artist is a great advantage combined with the digital ways of creating images.

Of course - being an image creator - he mostly works with images, such as posters, magazine, book, and CD covers.

Beside this he is creating and designing logotypes, software skins,
webdesign, etc...

If you (or your company) have a need of a poster, book or magazine cover, CD cover or any other graphic design, and you want a genuine  artistic approach to it, send an email, and we can discuss the matter.

Take a look at the examples: 
Posters   -    Magazine Covers    -    Book Covers

 (Remember, his quality is his creational ability. He does not work as a prolonged handicraft tool for other peoples’ artistic  ideas. It is very boring, and you are not getting your  full advantage of, what you are paying for.)


Poetry Collection
Book Cover

Ptj Magazine Cover

Poster  Collection

Iona Magazine Cover

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