Formal Background

1956-1963 Primary School  (Bogense  Skole)

1963-1966 Secondary School  (Bogense Real Skole)

1966-1969 High School (Primary Subjects: Psychology, Art, English, Music)
(Mulernes Legatskole, Odense)

1969-73 University Studies (Subjects: Art History, Art Techniques, Scandinavian Literature) (Haderslev Statsseminarium)

1958- 1969 Private education from a.o the well-known Danish artists Henning Jacobsen, Asger Jorn, Alfred Bay, Frank Hammershoj.

Debut: May 1967. "Kunstgarden" Skovby. Odense. Denmark

1994  The Markaryd Councilís Cultural  Award 1994.

1998 Appointed professor (of Honour) and corresponding academician at the "Accademia Internazionale Greco-Marino - Art Dept.", an international academy of literature, art and science. Vercelli, Italy

Other experiences:

1976-1979  Teaching art at high school . In Denmark and Sweden.
1977          Fresco. Humlebaek. Four Outdoor mural paintings (Private garden)
1984-1986  Artistic Glass Design. Bergdala Glasbruk. Sweden.
1994-99     Chief organiser of several large group exhibitions in cooperation with art critics
1997          Monument in Hassleholm, Sweden. Double sculpture 4m's tall. (Aluminium)
1995-1998  Digital Art Prints. Web Design, Graphic design. 

More Intensive Private Studies through the Years:

Tibetan Spiritual Life and Book Treasures. Celtic Culture. Druidism. Irish legends.  Ancient ornaments in the Irish monasteries and castle ruins. Medieval European Mysticism. Herbs. Computer generated art.