The Artist Theis Eljas

The Power of Peculiarity

This forty-nine years old guy from Denmark, who became a Swede, was at early age engrafted with his "peculiarity". His special mark. Because, even if he is multi-verbal, a singer, and a traveller, and highly knowledged in cases of history of religions and philosophy, he is also an outsider...
He is really the prototype of a man, who never allows himself to get captured by the "wrongs" in our systems of rules. I surely notice his social contact surfaces, but at the same time I see his peculiarity, the mark on his forehead.

But actually his art ought to be used in all connections. It could be useful in the service of Society as an example of what could and must be said, in order to help us experience ourselves. To discover ourselves...

Theis Eljas has opened windows for me and for other art spectators, who wants to se more than sloppy entertainment in art. He is telling the most fantastic tales of what a human heart can contain. He shows us, that art not necessarely need to be installations, postmodernism or sensationalism.
The painter from Humlebaek has taken the step into Swedish and European art life with his fabulous creational power..."

Stig-Aake Staalnacke - Art Critic, Malmoe (S) - A Member of the AICA

The above artwork by Theis Eljas  is titled “Fiddler’s rest”
Size: 48 x 86 cm in soft pastel technique.
It can be purchased from
Galeria d’art Zero in Barcelona, Spain

(Exhibition posters from the Ljungby Art Hall, Sweden

and from the
Medusa Aurea Award
Finalits’ show 2000
Accademia Internazionale
D’Arte Moderna, Rome)



Graphic design
by Theis Eljas.
(Magazine and
book covers)

Broadway - Soho - New York

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 Stig Ake Staalnacke

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Sune Johannesson